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About Us

International agents for Spanish shoes, socks and clothing

International shoe agentJuan M Ferri is a skilled international trade professional. His career started in 2000, where we was in charge of the international sales department in a children’s shoes factory in his home town, Villena. He worked and learned for 5 years managing the production for big brands from United Kingdom, Benelux and United States.

After a few years out of the shoe business, he came back to the sector in 2008. Since then, he has worked in different international projects as a freelance consultant.

Now he is in charge of international sales for The Fashion Factory.

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picture of Footwear production managerJuan A Catalán started soon in the footwear business, in 1999. He learnt about the production of shoes on his family company, a children’s footwear manufacturer, where he controlled all the production process, material buying and deliveries for several big buyers from Italy & Germany.

Since then, he has been managing production for several factories: samples design, raw materials, control of production and quality management.

Now he is in charge of production management for The Fashion Factory.

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